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what does a voiceover cost?

Good question. Rates for voiceover vary. This is usually to do with WHERE the VO is going to be used.


To simplify things, my fee involves 3 things:

1- A basic session fee (BSF): calculated according to the word length of your script.

2- A production fee: finish / edit the audio. I include this for free in projects under 200 wrds.

3- A usage license: Commercial or Broadcast usage.


Broadcast usage is paid media (TV, radio, paid online / social.) It's priced per month or full buyout and applies PER SPOT (eg per cutdown- 25/15/5 sec etc) A free live session is included for all broadcast orders.


Commercial usage is everything else: web videos, B2B, animations, internal videos, live events, training.

If yours is an e-learning project then no license is needed and the BSF is calculated in bands (500-1000 words, 1000-2000 words etc).

I also offer extras like:


- a live directed session via source connect or over zoom

- file splitting for e-learning modules

- time synching to your video.

so, what will my voiceover cost?


The best way to find out is to CONTACT ME  for a custom quote. Let me know the word length, use and production needs of your project and we can get chatting.

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